• Self Employed as Auditor and Tax Consultant for the period 1984-1997
  • Practicing as an Advocate Tax Consultant from the year 1997 onwards


(A). Legal Consultant: -

  • C A Mohan R Mudakavi Chartered Accountant
  • C A K S Varadachar Chartered Accountant
  • Neelakari Chartered Accountants, Hubli
  • M V R & Co., Chartered Accountants
  • RCV Rao Company secretary


(B). Legal & Tax Consultants: -

  • Sunri Lifestyle Pvt Ltd
  • Sanwa Diamond Tools Pvt. Ltd., etc., about 100 companies & commercial organization.
  • Various Mid Size Trusts and Apartment owner’s Association


(C). Appearance from Authorities

  • Appeared before various commercial, Income Tax authorities, including Tribunals
  • Appeared before Registrar of Co., Regional Director (DOC) including company Law Board
  • Appeared before various courts on civil matters & Labour Courts
  • Appeared before Labour Department on conciliation matter
  • Appeared before ESI & PF authorities on statutory Compliance matter
  • Registered Various Associations, Society’s
  • Incorporated Private and Public limited Companies under Companies Act